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           2019 Tupper Lake 8 miler review

2019 NYMCRA Race Schedule

Bare Bones Racing
Did you ever wish there were more canoe and kayak races in your area?  Do you want to see a racing calendar with no empty weekends?  Do you have a venue near you that would be perfect for a race?  Well now you can have any or all of the above.
NYMCRA is excited to announce the “Bare Bones Race Series”.  The director is you and the logistics are all yours to decide.  The reason we call it “Bare Bones” is because all you need is a timing device and insurance.  No t-shirts, prizes or post-race meal is needed.  The timing device can be a wrist watch, cell phone or something more sophisticated.  The insurance is necessary to protect the organizers.  It can be purchased for $5 or less per participant.  Buoys can be borrowed or made from milk jugs with rocks for anchors.  Or who needs buoys?  Start at this log, turn the bridge pier or island two miles upstream and come back.
If you think you’d like to put on a race, contact any member of the NYMCRA Board of Directors and we’ll publicize it for you.  If you aren’t sure how to go about organizing it, most race directors would be happy to give you help or advice.
We want races.  You need involvement, so get going.  Now is the time to plan.  You’ll be too busy training and racing in a few weeks.

2019 Point Races Standing PDF

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