For Sale

Savage River DIIX

For Sale  Carbon Savage River C-1 with wood gunwales in good condition. $1,200 See photos. Contact Dave at (607) 849-4073, or [email protected]

May 24, 2012

C-1 racing canoe  18-6 long red epoxy coated wood strip canoe. Good condition and set up to race. For smaller volume paddler. Send for photos- $600.00 Contact: David Hunter 518-524-9797 - [email protected]

March 18, 2012
Mohawk Whitewater Tandem Canoe

Mohawk Whitewater Tandem Canoe $275  Mohawk Whitewater Tandem Canoe $275-- 16', Royalex, red. I've had this for years and used it a few times a year. It's in quite good condition. Suitable for creek and whitewater paddling. Includes an unused airbag. Contact [email protected] or 607-638-9390.

March 18, 2012

C-2 Kevlar Wenonah (18’6”)  Asking $1000. I also has lots of other equipment such as carbon paddles, dry bags, etc. Contact Richard Westphall - Phone: 631-271-3511.

Feb 27, 2012

JD-Pro racing canoe.  Asking $2400. Contact Dylan Freedman - Email: [email protected] Phone: 585-880-1901.

Oct 13, 2011
Vermont Waterways Paddle Adaptor. Excellent Condition. This converts a Concept 2 rowing machine to a paddling machine. $250. Ted Lutz 518-878-9465 [email protected] Posted:
Mar 20, 2011
Crozier V1-A. All carbon. Set up for racing with sliding seats, bailers, etc. Excellent Condition $1200. Ted 518-878-9465 [email protected] Posted:
Mar 20, 2011
Newman designed Grass River voyager canoe, 26' long, 5 side to side sliding seats, 1st and 3rd in the 90 miler the past two years, ready to race. $7500. Dale Krapf, [email protected] or call 610-996-8400. Posted:
Sept 19, 2010
Valentia Olympic K-1Valentia Olympic K-1 Price: $1,500.00 Location: Johnstown, New York Description: This boat weighs 17 lbs. and is constructed of Carbon/Kevlar. It is a Westside Boat Shop boat and is priced to sell. This boat can be used for sprint or marathon racing. Like new, excellent condition. Contact Information: David Wiltey Phone: (518) 762-1237 Email: [email protected] Posted:
Jul 6, 2010
Westside Boat Shop Thunderbolt Price: $1,500.00 Location: Johnstown, New York Description: Great unlimited racing kayak in great condition.   Contact Information: David Wiltey Phone: (518) 762-1237 Email: [email protected] Posted:
Jul 6, 2010
18' QCC700X Sea Kayak, excellent condition asking $1850, stable for recreation and fast for racing.  Contact John Redos (509)860-6878, [email protected] Posted:
Jul 6, 2010
Diller Amateur CanoeDiller Marathon Race Canoe - amateur class, 4" x 32", 18'6" design. Carbon gunwales, bow and stern bailers, aluminum thwarts and seat rails. Comfortable kevlar seats with foam pads. Made in 1992. Carbon exterior, spectra interior. Located in Rochester, NY - can deliver to any of several marathon canoe races in the NYS area. $1200 $900 Contact Rich at [email protected] Posted:
July 4, 2010


looking for a used C-1 marathon, can be in pretty much any condition.
Not racing any more, just looking for a workout boat.
If you know of any NYMCRA people who might have anything please call Greg MacConnell at 518-324-9306
Apr 12 2012
Looking to purchase a C-2 stock boat.  Phone number (585) 733-4043 e-mail [email protected] Posted:
V1-M (michigan) Pro Boat[email protected] Posted:
Feb 19, 2010
Looking for used recreational canoes and kayaks. Anyone interested in donating or for a reasonable cost a used recreational canoe or kayak. They will be used to set up a rental fleet in Cameron County Pa to promote our sport of paddling . Contact Randy Bailey @ 814-546-2011 or [email protected]  Posted:
Nov 15, 2009