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NYMCRA Board of Directors - courtesy of Roger Gocking From L to R: Tim Henning, Chuck Bolesh, Phil Millspaugh,
Cathy Lipski, Ed Greiner, Sue Knapik, Kevin Berl, Scott Stenberg
by Cathy Lipski
Certified Personal Trainer
Zone Training Intervals Made Simple
Don't forget the Seneca Monster this weekend Oct 2nd
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This Year’s NYMCRA Banquet Is Saturday October 22nd.     Meeting will take place at the Clarion Inn on 100 Farrell rd. in syracuse.  Banquet will include the famous Pie race, lunch, raffle prizes, 200-400 miler awards and a engaging agenda not to mention camaraderie.  All for $20.00 pp. (less than the cost of most races).