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NYMCRA Board of Directors - courtesy of Roger Gocking From L to R: Tim Henning, Chuck Bolesh, Phil Millspaugh,
Cathy Lipski, Ed Greiner, Sue Knapik, Kevin Berl, Scott Stenberg
2016 Point Races Standings Final Updated 10/6/2016 PDF
List of 200 & 400 Mile T-Shirts for 2016

200 Mile            400 Mile                        
Kim  Greiner Pam Fitzgerald
Blanche Town Brianna Fitzgerald
Glen Vanderwinkel Mary Schlimmer
Peter Ross Patrick Madden
James Phillips Phil Millspaugh
Jeff Newman
Kevin Berl
Ed Greiner
Jon Vermilyea
Eric Young
Bruce Lee
Rich Butts
Holly Crouch
Pete McConville
NYMCRA Annual Race Directors meeting on January 21, 2017
Kevin Berl[email protected]
Ed Greiner [email protected]

Jonny’s B Tavern
8345 New Floyd Road or Route 365
Floyd, NY 13440

Race directors need to get
information to Ed ASAP