2014 NYMCRA end of season Banquet.

The 2014 NYMCRA end of season banquet will be held on October 18th 2014 at:

Cinderellas Restaurant and Suites
1208 Main St. Sylvan Beach, NY

Doors open at 11 AM.

Please RSVP by October 5th on Lisa Berl's Facebook Page, or by email to [email protected]

The Second Annual Potluck Pie Race.
Last year we held the first Potluck Pie race with great success. Just as last year, you bring a C2, pick a partner from a hat and enjoy a short paddle. Prizes are your choice of a delicious pie. The hat drawing will start at 10 AM, with the race immediately afterwards.

Along with the good food and great company, the following is planned for the banquet:

Presentation of:

  • The Amatuer Points series winners
  • The Forge Financial Pro Points winners.
  • 200/400 mile club t-shirts.
  • The NYMCRA end of year Raffle
  • Individual Awards

Joe and Ben Schlimmer will be delivering a short presentation on their trip to Hawaii to compete in the world famous Molokai Hoe Outrigger Canoe race. I know many NYMCRA racers were very generous in assisting the team with funding, so we thank you for that!

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Barge Chaser and Remington II results

Barge Chaser results

Remington II results

Click "Continue Reading" for the post race releases from the race directors.

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Tragedy at St Regis

I received this notice this morning. Please keep Nicolas and his family in your thoughts.

One week ago today, Paul Smith's College lost one of our own in a horribly tragic drowning off the bank of Lower St. Regis. Nic Pendle was only 20. He was on the marathon canoe team, amongst other teams, and was a bright student. Last night we celebrated his life at the Forestry cabin and remembered the athlete/scholar/friend that Nic was.

Some racers or folks will remember the "kid with the headband and rubber boots". He really was a true gift to those of use that knew him in his short time here.

Just take each day and love like it's the last...

Part of Nic Pendle's scholarship letter:

"...Currently, I am also on the Marathon Canoe Team. To be on a team which has only lost one race puts quite a bit of pressure on all members of the team. But so far this season we are keeping that tradition alive. We practice rain or shine, and a couple times this semester, even in snow. We just keep trudging on through any type of weather to improve our paddling skills. In the end, we are able to show other colleges that Paul Smith’s is a force to be reckoned with. Through these sports I instantly made friends. Through the blizzards during snowshoe races and the rain during canoeing races, we stuck together as a team. Then afterwards we would go out to dinner as huge group of friends. Our team bonding did not end when the competition ended either. I can recall many times our captains would invite the whole team to their dorm for dinner and a movie. Outside of class, our captains would help us study for tests and explain difficult homework question. We are a team, we are friends, and we are a family. That is what my first year at Paul Smith’s has made me feel like."

Memorial video.

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Amatuer Points, Wells Bridge, Barge Chaser and La Classique

The NYMCRA Amateur Points Series is nearing completion. The one remaining race is the makeup race at St Regis due to the event at Armond Bassett which halted the race.

Up to date points standings[PDF]

Jeff Pedersen's Wells Bridge Regatta concluded the Forge Financial Pro Points Series. There will be an update with the final points standings soon! In the meantime, here are the results for the race.[PDF]

This past weekend NY paddlers competed in both local and in international races. The Schlimmer girls finished a strong 36th at the Canoe Classic in Quebec. Andy Triebold and Steve Lajoie once again won the 3rd leg of the Triple Crown, with Mathieu Pellerin/Guillaume Blais and Mathieu St. Pierre/Ryan Halstead rounding out the top three. Full results here.

In Rotterdam on the Mohawk River , Linda and Bob Cooley put on the Barge Chaser race. Complete results are not available yet but the fastest boat was Dave Wiltey in Open Kayak. The top C2 was the up and coming duo of Patrick Madden and Eric Seyse. Bruce Lee and Cathy Lipski took the top spot in Mixed.

Next week is the 31st Annual Adirondack Canoe Classic. This is one of the high points of the racing season, with hundreds of paddlers from around the nation participating in a 3 day, 90 mile race through the heart of the largest state park in the United States. NYMCRA wishes good luck, safe paddling, and a good time to all racers starting off in Old Forge this upcoming Friday morning!

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